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Many thanks to Dan Geist for hosting this Web Site.


XAnim 2.80.1 was released on 21Mar99.

XAnim(pronounced: eks-'an-im) is a program for playing a wide variety of animation, audio and video formats on unix X11 machines.

I attempt to reply to all the email messages I receive, however, I get quite a few with invalid return addresses. If you don't hear from me within a week, double check that your return address is correct.

I can be reached via email: MYLASTNAME@ici.net

NOTE: My last name is "podlipec".


XAnim News - 9 May 1999

XAnim video dlls for Linux PowerPC and Linux Alpha released. These were down with cross-compilers and aren't yet fully verified.

XAnim News - 21 Mar 1999

XAnim 2.80.1 is now ready. Minor changes/tweaks.

XAnim News - 14 Mar 1999

XAnim 2.80.0 is now ready for consumption. In addition to several new video codecs, the new revision also supports dynamically loadable video decompression libraries. This means you no longer need to recompile xanim each time a new video codec is released or upgraded. There are currently dll's for: Creative CYUV, Radius Cinepak, Intel Indeo 3.2, Intel Indeo 4.1, Intel Indeo 5.0, CCITT H.261 and CCITT H.263.

There is a new Star Wars trailer that has been recently released and it uses the currently unsupported Sorenson Video codec. I have contacted Sorenson about licensing their codec. They responded that Apple won't allow them to license it to others. You may want to nicely send a single email message to Sorenson and Apple asking about unix and/or xanim support for the Sorenson video codec.

For the record, I would gladly add support for Sorenson if allowed to. Same goes for all other currently unsupported video/audio codecs.

Also I'd like to thank all of those who sent me coins from around the world for my collection. I appreciate the time and effort you took to send those. It helps keep me going. Thanks again.

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