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Copyright © 1990-1998,1999 by Mark Podlipec. All rights reserved.

This software may be freely used, copied and redistributed without fee for non-commerical purposes provided that this copyright notice is preserved intact on all copies.

There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness of this software. It is provided solely "as is". The author disclaims all responsibility and liability with respect to this software's usage and its effect upon hardware or computer systems.

Is this really free?

Yes, for non-commercial use. No money, donations, etc are required.

However, I do collect coins from around the World, so if you use and like XAnim and want to help motivate me to put more effort into it, you can send whatever coins you feel like donating to:

     Mark Podlipec
     15 Meadow Lane
     Shrewsbury MA 01545 USA
Doesn't matter what the value or condition they are in. However, I do have the majority of the 20th century US coins, so I'm not as interested in them. Here's my coin collection if you're interested in browsing it.

Thanks to any and all who respond.

Licensing for Commercial Use?

For commercial use, a licensing agreement is required. You may send enquiries to: MYLASTNAME@ici.net

NOTE: My last name is "podlipec"

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