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XAnim Video Decompression DLLs

XAnim can now search for and dynamically load XAnim Video Decompression modules at start up. This allows new video codecs to be added and old video codecs to be upgraded without having to recompile XAnim.

These modules are distributed as gzipped tar archives containing a readme file and a shared library .xa file. See the latest README.dll file for instructions on extracting and installing these DLL modules.

If you find that your platform is not listed below, but that some number of the DLL modules for a similiar platform work successfully please let me know so I can add that platform to the list.

If you find that your platform is not supported you have two options to help me help you:

    1) The preferred solution is to provide me with
       a C cross-compiler that runs on a linux ELF 
       glibc 2.* machine and is capable of producing
       shared libraries for your platform.

    2) Alternatively, you can donate(not loan) to me a machine
       that has networking support and has all the necessary 
       software installed to compile C source code into a 
       shared library.  I won't need a monitor if I can somehow
       find a cable that will connect the video out to individual
       RGB BNC connectors or a standard VGA connector. 
       Again, this isn't the preferred way, since it's easier
       for me to have the cross-compiler. The only advantage
       this has is for audio support and if I need to debug
       the dlls.
    NOTE: since I'm under NDA for most of the dlls, I can't
    give out the source. Nor can I upload the source to an
    account that is provided to me for the purposes of doing
    a compile.

Linux x86 ELF using glibc 2.0x

Linux x86 ELF using glibc 2.1

Linux x86 ELF using libc 5.0x

Linux Alpha ELF

Linux PowerPC ELF

Sun Sparc SunOS 4.x

Sun Sparc Solaris

Sun Sparc SunOS 5.x

SGI Irix O32 ABI

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