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XAnim Distribution List

The XAnim distribution list is used to inform members of new XAnim revisions and new decompression modules as they are released.

To Subscribe/Unsubscribe send email to: MYLASTNAME@ici.net

with the Subject "subscribe xanim" or "unsubscribe xanim". It also helps to include your email address in the body of the message as it's not always clear from the headers. NOTE that MYLASTNAME is "podlipec". Spamming sucks.

Please note that I personally detest spamming. The email addresses on the XAnim distribution will only be used to announce new revisions of XAnim and will never be sold, leased, borrowed, etc.

Bug reports should be sent to: MYLASTNAME@ici.net

Please include the XAnim revision, machine and OS as part of the message. For example "XAnim 2.80.1 Linux x86".

I do attempt to reply to all the email messages I receive, however, I get quite a few with invalid return addresses. If you don't hear from me within a week, double check that your return address is correct.

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