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Latest Release of XAnim - 2.80.1 (21Mar99)

Here is a gzipped tar archive of XAnim 2.80.1(441K). Use "gunzip" to uncompress it.
It should be 2170880 bytes after decompression.

NOTE: Some WWW browsers will automatically uncompress these archives when you download them and some don't. You may want to verify the size of the file you receive.

Compiling XAnim

XAnim Decompression Modules

As of release 2.80.0, XAnim can make use of dynamically loadable libraries to add support for new video codecs at run time. This means XAnim does not need to be recompiled each time a new video codec is released or upgraded. Please read the file README.dll for more details on this capability.

Obtain the XAnim Video DLLs here.

However, since I've only been able to produce xanim video dll's for a limited number of platforms, the old decompression modules can still be compiled in. There are no plans to produce old style decompression modules for any new video codec. And in any case, this hasn't been feasible due to symbol collisions amongst the modules(NOTE: while some linkers have developed unique strategies to solve this, a large number have not.)

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