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XAnim Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure

XAnim is about as Y2K compliant as one of my shoe laces.

A little more seriously though and in pursance with the federal Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act of 1998 I can state the following:

XAnim(like my shoelace) doesn't use dates in any form or fashion and so it is highly unlikely that XAnim will have or cause or exhibit any problems with the year 2000. While I am highly confident of that statement please note that I do not(and will not) guarantee that nor do I plan on testing that statement prior to the year 2000.

Let me also reiterate the following(extracted from XAnim's copyright):

There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness of this software. It is provided solely "as is". The author disclaims all responsibility and liability with respect to this software's usage or its effect upon hardware or computer systems.

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